How to transform inspiration into reality

1. Research, research, research

In my case, the first step to the creative process is looking at what’s currently out there. To this purpose, there’s nothing better than a shop out… meaning actually visiting multiple stores. Nothing compares to seeing what’s on the shelves versus what flies off them.

There’s also an art form to finding the right store to shop. My preference is to travel to the store closest to corporate headquarters. Nothing like expecting the CEO to stop by to ensure all the products are displayed properly!

2. Search for inspiration

I look for new trends everywhere, from edgy stores, print and on-line publications as well as internet searches.   This gives you the opportunity to create your unique perspective. Be true to what inspires you and this will translate into sharing your creative vision.   

3. Welcome criticism

Being told your ideas are excellent certainly feels good, but it doesn’t grow your art. The best way to improve is to solicit critiques. My favorite question: “how can I make this better?”