4 secrets for superior fabrics

1. Choose the right hand

Simply put, the hand is how a fabric feels to the consumer. All in all, I find that the best way to determine this aspect is to get an actual sample.

2. Color is key

To me, design tells a story. Color is the core of this tale. It’s important to choose a palette for your collection that follows the overall look and feel you wish to deliver. Again, obtaining a sample is critical.

3. Consider a pattern

It takes time to craft the right pattern or image for your fabric. The next big choices are how you want to deliver that look. Some options:

  • Applique
  • Weave
  • Dye
  • Embroidery

Again, the best way to see how a particular pattern will work is to secure a sample.

4. Choose the right manufacturing partner

You’ve chosen your design. The sample is perfect. Even so, a design can go off the rails if the execution

For example, if you are manufacturing Pants and the fabric was cut without regard for the fabric weave or construction.  This could save on initial fabric cost but will be a costly mistake when the garments are rejected as a result of poor fit and sewing quality.  

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, check the pre-production sample thoroughly to make sure the factory follows final specifications before approving.   Have detailed records, it may take extra time and hassle if there are issues at this stage, but consumers are tough.   One mistake can ruin a lifetime of good will.