3 Ways Nature Provides Infinite Inspiration

One. Earth’s elements are the foundation for color and fiber
There are many sources of natural pigments around the globe. The majority originate from two sources: earth and plants. When crushed, these materials become a fine powder. Earliest recorded use of natural paint pigments dates back to cave painting. Natural pigments were used for dying textiles until the development of synthetic dyes.

Source: https://www.abramsbooks.com/product/book-of-earth_9781419764653/

Two. Colors inspire the season
For instance, Yellow Ochre is the classic color for autumn. Although we usually think of Ochre as yellow, Ochres are a type of clay earth pigment and come in a wide variety of colors. For Example, bright red, brown, orange and yellow are usually made from this highly oxidized clay.

Source: https://www.abramsbooks.com/product/book-of-earth_9781419764653/

Three. A Final Thought
As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, Ochre based pigments are the color source used in many examples of Aboriginal, Native American and First Nation textiles and crafts.

Where do natural elements come into play?
Organic color and dyes are trending in Men’s and Women’s Apparel, Medical Apparel, and Home Textiles.